With COVID-19 forcing more and more people to leave the office and work from home, chiropractors, like the team here at Akridge, are seeing an uptick in the number of people suffering from back and neck pain.

While your office chair and desk setup may be set up for proper ergonomics, but at home, you are likely not sitting correctly. Maybe your kitchen table has become your desk, or you may even be working from the couch. Unfortunately, while it may be comfortable to work from your PJs and skip the commute, these types of positions are very difficult for your back and neck. If you are struggling with back and neck pain, Dr. Akridge and Akridge Chiropractic want to help. Here are some tips to consider.

Aim for a Neutral Neck

Consider the position you use when working from home. Specifically, consider your neck. Is it in a neutral position with your eyes looking straight ahead? If you’re angling your neck and head up or down, you are putting a strain on your neck.

One way to create a neutral neck is to elevate your monitor. If you’re working from home on a laptop, invest in a separate keyboard, then place the computer on a stack of books or a sturdy box, so the monitor is at eye level. This will help you maintain that neutral neck position.

Flatten Those Feet

Next, consider the position of your feet. The best stance is to sit with them flat on the floor. If you cannot reach the floor in your current desk setup, add a step stool or box so you can keep your feet flat. Having your feet flat on the floor puts your lower back and hips in a more ergonomic position, which can eliminate strain on the lower back. You can also improve your posture and your lower back stability by swapping out that dining room chair for an actual office chair or an exercise ball.

Get Professional Help

Professional chiropractic treatment is the third way to address the back and neck pain that happens when you work from home. Chiropractic adjustment of the neck and back loosen the joints and vertebrae. It realigns the vertebrae, so they are in their proper position. This reduces the compression on the nerves coming from affected areas, which in turn can lessen muscle spasms and overall pain. This is an effective and safe way to address the back pain happening due to your new work-from-home status.

Not only that, but a chiropractor can help you plan a better work environment by helping you assess your setup. At Akridge Chiropractic, we will also give you stretches and home exercises you can do to help keep your neck pain at bay.

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If working from home has become a pain in the neck, you need to do two things. First, schedule an appointment with Dr. Akridge and the team at Akridge Chiropractic to have your neck and spine adjusted. Then, reassess your work-from-home environment to ensure it is working with you and not against you. These two steps will help you manage this new standard without unnecessary back and neck pain.