Whiplash occurs when the head and neck suddenly jerk forward or backward in rapid motion. The movement causes tendons to stretch and sometimes tear along with ligaments in the neck, causing whiplash. Whiplash is painful and can severely affect your ability to perform day to day activities. As a result of the pain, it’s important to get whiplash pain relief as soon as possible to ease the healing process and get back to your routine. There are alternative methods of whiplash pain relief, so you won’t have to rely on potentially addicting pain medicine to find relief.

Chiropractic Therapy – Whiplash Pain Relief

Whiplash injuries vary from person to person, so it’s important to get individualized care based on your injuries. After a chiropractic exam, a chiropractor will set up a personalized treatment plan based on what’s discovered during the exam. Treatments can include manipulation, muscle stimulation, exercises, muscle relaxation, or lifestyle changes.

Joint Manipulation

Joint manipulation is the most common treatment for whiplash. A chiropractor will gently move the affected joints, which usually provides some immediate relief. It may take a few manipulation sessions to be pain free, but you’ll feel better with each treatment.


Gentle stretching can assist with the loosening of affected neck muscles, providing whiplash pain relief and getting you on the road to recovery. Muscles with excess tension are the focus of this treatment. If the muscles are severely tensed, a more strenuous stretch may be applied by the chiropractor in an attempt to loosen it.


Another method of treatment a chiropractor may recommend is exercise. These exercises will be initially performed in the office but are often an easy transition to self-care at home. There are several exercises designed to reduce disc derangement which will help provide whiplash pain relief. Stabilization exercises assist in correcting movement patterns that may affect your whiplash negatively and prolong the healing process. They are designed to help control movements, improving the strength and ability of the neck muscles.

Lifestyle changes are an important part of continuing care at home. Chiropractors may recommend ways to perform daily tasks without additional strain on the body so you can focus on healing. They will address factors in all areas of your life that may contribute to the whiplash pain, focusing on ways to manage a more stress-free life for a quicker recovery.

Laser Therapy – Whiplash Pain Relief

Aside from chiropractic care, another option for whiplash pain relief is laser therapy. Laser therapy is a unique therapy that relies on the body’s own processes to stimulate the healing process. The laser absorbs the light, kickstarting the production of energy on an intracellular level.

On an individual basis, we will develop a treatment plan. This is so the laser can be focused where the problem areas are. Laser therapy not only provides pain relief by stimulating the body’s own response to injury, but it can reduce inflammation, (add) scar tissue and will speed up your recovery time.

One of the most common injuries sustained in car accidents is whiplash. As a result, pain in the neck can make it difficult to function in day to day life, since limited motion is also common with whiplash. Getting the proper care for whiplash pain relief can get you back to feeling better. There are many treatments available for whiplash pain relief, including chiropractic care and laser therapy. All in all, a chiropractor will develop a treatment plan involving several techniques to provide you relief, while laser therapy uses lasers focused on nerves and other pain points to help the body heal quicker.

If you’ve experienced whiplash, come see us for a personalized pain relief plan!