I was over 90% BETTER. This was totally amazing to me.

I was having tingling and pain in my left lower leg and foot. My family doctor sent me to a Neurologist. That doctor told me I had severe nerve damage in my left leg. I was then sent to a group of Orthopedic Surgeons. They tried non-surgical and surgical remedies. These methods did not work.

Reading the newspaper one morning I saw [the advertorial] ‘Peripheral Neuropathy Warning’ by Dr. Akridge. This sounded like what I had. l had an appointment with my family doctor that next day. I asked him what he knew of this treatment. He said that he only had one patient that had tried it and they were 95% improved, but their [damage] was not as severe as mine. He said that if he was me and had the money, he would give it a try. I did.

Dr. Akridge did some tests. These indicated that I had 93% nerve damage in my left leg. He said he probably would not get me back to normal. but could help quite a bit. I decided to try it. I went for 2 treatments [each week] for 5 or 6 weeks. [It was] all really easy, I began to feel better after each treatment.

At the end, Doctor retested me. I was over 90% BETTER. This was totally amazing to me.  I would think there is a very good chance that Dr. Akridge could help you too.