If you are suffering from long-term or chronic pain, you are not alone. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that 50 million people in America also suffer from ongoing and never-ending pain.  And if you have been searching for chronic pain treatment without any luck, we have good news for you! Laser therapy in Kennewick is very effective at pain management! And there’s a cold laser therapy clinic near you!

What in the world is “Laser Therapy in Kennewick?”

Laser therapy, referred to in the medical world as “low-level laser therapy (LLLT),” is much weaker than its “hot” counterpart. Complicated surgical procedures use highly advanced hot therapy lasers. As an example, the surgeries that need precision to cut through or burn skin. 

Who is Using Laser Therapy in Kennewick? 

People of all ages and of varying levels of health are using therapy to treat their pain. 

Athletes are using laser therapy to treat such ailments as ankle sprains, sore muscles, and pain resulting from bone spurs. Additionally, muscle and spine abnormalities use laser therapy for children. 

And older men and women suffering from chronic back and neck pain, arthritis, and osteoporosis are finding long-term relief they never experienced before from laser therapy. 

Laser Therapy in Kennewick – How’s it work? 

Chronic pain means pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks, and the types of chronic pain and chronic pain symptoms can vary. But, for people with chronic pain, laser therapy can be used in many ways:

  • Lasers can be administered directly to the trouble area or areas in single or multiple sessions. 
  • The therapy can be coupled with physical therapy to reduce muscle pain after sessions. 
  • It can even be used to reduce or replace harmful or potentially addictive narcotics and other pain relief drugs that cause side effects. 

Is Laser therapy in Kennewick safe?

We have more good news! 

The U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration has approved laser therapy to treat chronic pain for both in-office and at-home use. However, because we are still learning about the therapy and its long-term side effects, we recommend that you get laser therapy administered by a qualified – and well-trained – health care provider. 

Wait – side effects? What side effects? 

Don’t worry: since laser therapy has been available, there have been no short-term side effects detected. But because the treatment is still new, laser therapy research has mostly looked at the short-term side effects. Also, patients who may be pregnant or who may suffer from certain skin cancers should speak with their doctor before getting laser treatment therapy because it’s still uncertain how the therapy could affect you. 

But is it painful? 

Treatments last from 5-10 minutes each session, and patients have described the treatments as being “gentle” to “soothing warm.” We have not had any complaints of pain or discomfort during or following the treatment – even from children! 

When will I feel results?

Results from the laser treatment will vary and are based on the severity of the pain. Some patients claimed they felt immediate relief while others needed multiple treatments to feel results. Regardless, you should work with your health care provider to develop a treatment plan that will work best for you and your needs. 

In conclusion: there’s a lot of good news coming out there for patients using laser therapy for chronic pain. It’s safe, painless, quick, and has no side effects. 

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