With the opioid and pain medication becoming a serious epidemic, people with chronic pain are looking into solutions that don’t involve potentially habit-forming medication. Pain management can include chiropractors, physical therapy, and even laser therapy for pain. 

What is Laser Therapy? 

Laser therapy is the use of light to help treat chronic pain and inflammation. Targeted pain areas often use low intensity lasers. This helps stimulate the healing process. The stimulation assists damaged tissues in healing quicker. Additionally, it can even finishes the healing process when tissue is struggling to do so on its own. 

How It Works

By focusing varying wavelengths of low-level light on areas afflicted with pain, the affected tissue absorbs the light. Infrared light absorbed into the tissues causes a reaction which stimulates and promotes tissue and cell regeneration and healing.

Benefits of Laser Therapy For Pain

Reduce pain without the use of potentially harmful medications. Pain medications can become addictive and often have awful withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop them. They can also have unpleasant side effects. Treating pain with laser therapy negates the need for such medications. Inflammation can also cause unpleasant pains, but laser therapy can treat inflammation as well.  While the number of treatments varies by patient and pain level, many report long lasting relief after just a few treatments.

Habit-forming medication is often used to treat chronic pain. This can cause the body can build a resistance to, resulting in a need for higher doses or medication changes. Laser therapy treats chronic pain. Because of this, those suffering with lifelong pain problems will not become dependent on medications for relief. 

Laser therapy treatments for pain can be customized on a per patient basis. While standard pain management is used as a one size fits all, laser therapy customizes a treatment plan based on individual needs. Depending on the injury or pain, there are various laser heads that can be used. For pain in deeper tissues, there is a laser head that is suitable for skin contact to allow the deepest penetration possible. For more outward injuries and pain, off-site laser heads are used. Many lasers used for pain therapy include customization options based on pain location and other patient characteristics. 

Treatments are quick. As such, you won’t have to worry about spending an hours in an office like you might during a physical therapy treatment. Laser therapy treatments for pain typically last only a few minutes since the lasers provide quick, direct light to affected tissues and muscles. 

How Does a Treatment Feel? 

When hearing the term laser therapy, most would assume the experience would be painful. Most likely due to lasers typically being associated with a hot temperature. However, this is not the case with laser therapy since the levels of light are low. It is often referred to as laser therapy. Treatments are virtually pain free. Some patients report feeling slight sensations of warmth. This feeling can be welcoming, especially when massage style laser heads are used to apply the light. As a result, a massage-like experience can occur while treating your pain with laser therapy. 

Laser therapy is becoming more prominent, helping to combat deadly pain medication addiction for pain treatment. Treatments are quick, painless, and effective. They stimulate regeneration and healing without the need for pills. Treatments can be customized per person, because of this, the treatment is always what a patient needs. Low light lasers penetrate the skin, tissue, and muscles providing relief after just a few treatments. Contact us today for a personalized appointment!

What others are saying about us:

“We both have seen Dr. Scott Akridge since 1983. What a wonderful Dr.he treats the whole body and the laser has helped with my knee,hip and low back immensely also got great relief from my shoulder injury. Linda Akridge also gets us in whenever possible.” -Jerry M, Google Review

“Dr Scott Akridge has been remarkable on focusing on the whole person. And, now add laser pain relief and you have the whole package! I broke my wrist in four places, Dr Akridge treated it with laser and the medical doctors were amazed at the rate of healing! It was 3X faster with the laser!

That treatment is painless and gets you back to your normal activity level faster than medical treatment alone. A friend of mine had Achilles heel surgery. She came to visit and I took her to Dr Akridge. Her relief of pain after three treatments was amazing. Another reason I believe in laser pain relief is this: I had a toothache and I went to the dentist, he diagnosed a root canal was needed. I shared this with Dr Akridge, and we did a few laser treatments. When I went back to the dentist, he could not believe there was nothing there!

I know this is a long read, but this method of pain relief is worth its weight in gold! The front end staff are amazing too!”
-Chris S, Google Review