A quick search on the internet for a full-body adjustment chiropractor near me will likely get you a few results. If your body is showing you signs of needing an adjustment, it’s best not to put it off. A full body adjustment can give you the relief you need. Here’s everything you need to know about total body adjustments.

What is a Full Body Adjustment?

Qualified chiropractors use various techniques to manipulate multiple joints in the body. When you look up a full-body adjustment chiropractor near me, you’ll be doing your entire body a favor. While some chiropractors only work specific parts of the body based on a client’s pain, a full body adjustment works to increase mobility and decrease the pain throughout the body, not just in certain parts. To get a glow stick to glow completely, it needs cracked the whole way down. It is not much different than the human body in a sense. When there’s an issue in part of the spine, it can interrupt the entire body and its functions.

How it Helps

Neck and back pain are two of the most common pain complaints. Instead of masking the pain with medications, a full body adjustment works your entire body to resolve the source of the pain. Sometimes a simple alignment can help alleviate pain you’ve been struggling with for years. Full body adjustments allow patients to treat their pain without the use of habit-forming pain medication. A full body adjustment can even help relieve pain caused by chronic conditions such as arthritis.

On top of pain relief, full-body adjustments also offer a variety of other perks. Chiropractic adjustments can lower stress levels, increasing physical and mental wellbeing. Full body adjustments provide the benefits of improved blood flow, improved mobility and brain function, and better sleep. A total body adjustment can even help improve blood pressure and performance in sports!

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What to Expect

If you’ve had chiropractic care previously, you’ll have an idea of what to expect during your full body adjustment. If this is your first time receiving chiropractic care, several techniques may be used during your treatment. The most common method used by chiropractors is manual adjustment. This is when the chiropractor applies varying amounts of pressure on joints in the body using their hands and elbows. An activator adjusting instrument is used when the activator method is used. This device directs targeted impulse force to the spine and other joints. Your chiropractor may also use the SOT and cervical traction techniques or drop piece tables. The methods used will depend entirely on the purpose of your full body adjustment and what your chiropractor generally uses.

Your chiropractor should be vocal with you in terms of what they are doing as they are doing it. Adjustments should not be painful, and if you experience pain, it’s essential to let your chiropractor know immediately. You can expect pain relief and many other benefits with your full body adjustment.

If you’ve been searching the web for a full-body adjustment chiropractor near me, there are some things you should know. Full body adjustments work your entire body to help resolve pain and mobility issues while also providing you with less stress and better sleep. Many techniques may be used, but none of them should be painful. Expect your chiropractor to explain procedures before they perform them and keep an open line of communication for the duration of your adjustment.