No one wants or expects to find themselves suddenly in pain. Still, accidents happen, old injuries return, and circumstances change. At those times, you need relief and treatment fast in an environment designed to ease stress and promote a feeling of safety and comfort.

You’re not going to find that in a hospital emergency room.

Consider, instead, visiting your chiropractor for help. In addition to their standard suite of services, many understand and can help with emergencies and immediately get to managing your pain.

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What Constitutes an Emergency?

You might ask yourself, is this an emergency?

The truth is, even small injuries and the return of familiar pains may be signs of more significant injuries and pain to come. You really can’t afford to ignore that.

Your chiropractic specialist will be able to give you more information and help you assess the urgency of your situation. For that reason alone, it’s worth giving them a call or visit.

That said, if trying to decide for yourself, certain situations can be considered emergencies.

Car Accidents

Anytime you’ve been in an accident—even a minor one—is a time you should seek chiropractic care, ideally, within 24 hours. As good as seatbelt restraints, airbags, and car seats have gotten over the years, whiplash can still occur and result in a lifetime of discomfort if not treated correctly promptly.

Many times, drivers and passengers aren’t even aware they’re injured immediately following an accident. Some of the most severe injuries can have delayed effects, and if gone too long without treatment can become more significant problems than they needed to be.

Don’t assume because you can walk away from an accident that everything is fine.

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Sports Injuries

Sports are, sadly, an all-too-common source of serious injuries that result in long term pain. While football, mainly, is well-documented as resulting in head, knee, and spinal injuries, it can also lead to problems with other parts of the body. And football isn’t the only culprit. Running, body-building, tennis, even golf, and many more sports can contribute to debilitating pain and injury.

When something goes wrong suddenly, it’s best to see chiropractic help right away to keep an injury from getting worse and keeping you from enjoying sports ever again. Immediate treatment followed by continued therapy can have you back on the field in no time.

Acute Back and Neck Pain

Never ignore sudden, acute neck or back pain as it may be the result of slipped or damaged disks. Besides being severely uncomfortable, not treating it in time could lead to other health issues. Misalignment and pain can lead to problems with posture, mobility, and the ability to get proper sleep. Whatever the cause or incident, when neck and back pain suddenly appear, seek treatment quickly.

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait

The amount of time between sustaining an injury and seeking treatment can significantly affect how quickly and thoroughly you recover and have a substantial impact on your long-term health. Seeking chiropractic care as soon as possible can dramatically improve recovery time.

You should treat sudden injuries seriously. Fortunately, your chiropractor has the expertise and skill to handle your pain and treatment without the hassle and discomfort of a typical emergency room visit.

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