Common MVA Injuries

According to the Institute of Insurance Information, the average driver files a claim for an automotive accident once every 17.9 years. If you begin driving at 16, this could mean a high likelihood that you’ll be in three accidents serious enough to file an insurance claim during your lifetime. And this doesn’t account for minor fender-benders in which drivers choose to hash it out among themselves or incidents in which you’re a passenger.

The point is, accidents happen. When you look at the statistics, they are almost inevitable. Therefore, it’s essential to be prepared for the physical aftermath of an accident by knowing what to expect and what to do.

When it comes to automotive accidents, the most common injuries experienced include:

  • Head and neck trauma
  • Back trauma
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Broken bones
  • Burns or abrasions
  • Brain injury—both moderate or severe

A significant factor in determining the severity of injury often comes down to speed, type of collision, and whether or not the driver and passengers were wearing seatbelts.

common auto injuries

Have You Been In an Accident?

It’s not unusual to experience soreness immediately following a car accident. It could even last for a few days. If the soreness gets to the point that you’re wondering if it’s too long, that lingering pain is a good indicator that your injuries may be more severe than initially thought, and you should look into treatment.

Generally, continuing to experience pain and soreness more than six weeks after a car accident—no matter the size of the accident—suggests that pain and discomfort will continue until you have it adequately addressed.

Some signs to look for:

  • Tingling or numbness in any part of the body that continues to linger
  • Neck pain that radiates out and makes turning or moving your neck painful
  • Back pain
  • Difficulty in twisting, bending, or turning
  • Recurring dizziness
  • Blurred vision

Some injuries can take longer to heal than others. You may not be aware of an injury’s severity right away, and not getting treatment promptly will lead to lasting complications. This is why seeking treatment for injuries is essential.

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Auto Accident Chiropractic Services

The team at Akridge Chiropractic is always ready to meet with you to determine how we can help you heal and become free of pain. Each patient who visits us receives a complete neurological and physical examination to help determine the best treatment options.

At Akridge Chiropractic, we focus on activating the body’s natural healing abilities and bringing your body’s nervous system back to optimal performance. Whether you are struggling with back pain, constant headaches, or pain in other areas of the body following an auto accident or other incident, let our chiropractic care be the foundation of your treatment plan.

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